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Rainwater Restoration is a local small business formed in Austin Texas in 2000 and our goal is to Keep Austin Homes & Businesses Dry. We do all Waterproofing & Dampproofing for Commercial Buildings as well as all Weatherproofing, Roofing and Interior / Exterior Repair for Residential Buildings. Water Intrusion can be the most costly and damaging problem that your structure will ever encounter. Protect your Investment with a Free Inspection Today !

Common problems for homes involving leak detection and repair and roof repairs are associated with windblown shingles, missing shingles, vent pipes, boot jacks, penetrations, window leaks, chimney leaks, flashing leaks, skylight leaks, below grade leaks and foundation leaks. These can all lead to costly roof and decking repairs, drywall, paint and texture repairs, wood and siding repairs as well as health issues due to poor air quality from mold and mildew.

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